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Origin Germany
Genres Neue Deutsche Welle, post-punk, gothic rock
Years active 1980–1983

Nichts (lit. transl.: "nothing") are a German language rock band from Düsseldorf, Germany. Founding members are Tobias Brink (drums, former KFC), Michael Clauss (guitar, former KFC), Andrea Mothes (vocals) and Chris Scarbeck (bass). The band's name was source of many puns such as "Das war Nichts" (that has been nothing).


Their first LP Made in Eile ("Made in a Hurry") was produced 1981 by the independent record label Schallmauer-Records. Although their sound contained a clear influence of the two founders past punk band, they introduced their own style on the single Radio. The band called its music Psychopop, the expressive voice of Andrea Mothes and guitarist Meikel Clauss' style were shaping the sound. The press immediately compared their music to the likes of Ideal and the Neon Babies.

On the first record the musicians still used the aliases "Micky Matschkopf", "Fritz Fotze", "Prunella Pustekuchen" and "Paul Popperkind", which had already been used by Claus and Brink during their KFC times.

Their first single Radio was a radio audience favourite and created major label interest. This did not change the band's attitude; they were happy to stay with their current label. During the photoshoot for their second album Tango 2000, which was released in 1982, they decided that the distribution of the album should be handled by WEA. With this record the band succeeded in making a commercial breakthrough featuring the Singles Tango 2000 and Ein deutsches Lied ("A German Song").

In autumn 1982, Michael Clauss and bassist Chris Scarbeck left the band. For the third LP Aus Dem Jenseits ("From the other side"), released in 1983, they brought in two new musicians resulting in less commercial success. The band split up in 1983.


With gothic DJs taking a re-interest in German new wave, Nichts continue to be played in deathrock clubs throughout the world and feature on modern deathrock compilations alongside Hans-A-Plast.



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