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Nick Ahrens (born November 11, 1983 in Minneapolis) is an American designer and art director. He is a partner in iam8bit,[1] a production company, marketing boutique and artist collective, along with Jon M. Gibson, Amanda White and Taylor Harrington.[2]


After a career in professional snowskating,[3][4][5][6] Ahrens held a position at Game Informer magazine for six years. He helped oversee the reinvention of the publication's digital presence, which won a "People's Voice Award" Webby Award in 2010.[7] Ahrens also served as the magazine's Media Editor, where he wrote and curated the monthly "Gear" section, as well as writing regular videogame reviews and previews.[8] He also regularly took on design and photography duties for both the magazine and website.

Ahrens joined iam8bit in October 2010, and is currently a partner and art director.



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