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Nick Bailey
Birth nameJames Nicholas Bailey
OriginVirginia, United States
Genrespop, alternative, country
Occupation(s)Songwriter, Producer, Musician
InstrumentsVocals, guitars, drums, programming, piano, bass
Years active2003-present

Nick Bailey is an American guitarist, songwriter, and producer signed to Prescription Songs. He began his musical career playing in the bands Over It and Runner Runner.


Over It[edit]

Nick Bailey is a founding member of Over It and performed as a guitarist and background vocalist. The band was signed to Virgin Records and released Step Outside Yourself.[1]

Runner Runner[edit]

Members of Over It, Don't Look Down and Rufio joined together to form Runner Runner,[2] which was signed to Captiol Records and achieved radio success with their songs "So Obvious" (charted at #30 on the pop charts[3]) and "I Can't Wait", which has become a popular wedding song.

Selected writing and production discography[edit]


  • Greyson Chance "Yours" (writer)
  • Ivory Layne "Heaven" (writer)
  • Foreign Air " The Therapist" "Everything is good now" (writer/producer)
  • Tillie "Mood Swings""Loudmouth" (writer/producer)
  • Annabel Jones "Excuses" (writer/producer)
  • Backstreet Boys "Nobody Else" (writer)
  • Backstreet Boys "Breathe" (writer)


  • DEV "Girls Don't Lie" (writer/producer)
  • DEV "Clean Break" (writer/producer)
  • Justin Caruso "Don't know you" (writer/producer)
  • Fairlane "Puzzle" (writer/producer)
  • Rozes "I Don't" (writer/producer)
  • Dreamers "the Last Love Song" (writer/producer)
  • Dreamers "Misfits Tshirt" (writer/producer)
  • Dreamers "All Washed Out" (writer)
  • Dirty Heads "Visions" (writer/producer)
  • Milo Greene "Move" (writer/producer)
  • lil Aaron "4Life", "sometimes" (writer)
  • Mat Kearney "Wanted Man" (writer/producer)
  • Mat Kearney "Changes" (writer/producer)
  • Tim Legend "Anything Can Happen" (writer/producer)
  • Mainland "Stand by Me" (writer/producer)
  • Nothing, Nowhere "Sayer" (writer)
  • FF5 - "Out of this world" (writer/producer)
  • Josie Dunn - "Old School" (writer)


  • Maroon 5 - "Visions" (writer/producer)
  • Blake Shelton - "Money" (writer)
  • Dan Tyminski - "Numb", "Gone" (writer)
  • Culpriit - "Driveway" (writer/producer)
  • Hayley Kiyoko - "Feelings" (writer/producer)
  • Dreamers - "Sweet Disaster (acoustic)" (producer)
  • Tim Legend - "Quicksand", "Telescope" (writer/producer)
  • Ernest K - "Trouble with us", "Insomnia" (writer)
  • Chain Gang of 1974 - "Wallflowers" (writer/producer)
  • Common Kings - "Mary Wanna" (writer) *appears on 2018 grammy nominated best reggae album


  • Jake Miller - "Astronaut" (writer)
  • Jordan Fisher - "All I Wanna Do" (writer)
  • Dirty Heads - "Oxygen" (writer)
  • Mollie King - "Back to You" (writer)
  • Chris Lane - "Who's It Gonna Be" (writer)
  • Dreamers - "Never Too Late to Dance" (writer/producer)
  • Dreamers - "Painkiller" (writer)
  • Cilia - "Silhouettes in Slow Motion" (writer)
  • Whissell - "Rumours" (writer)
  • BUNT. - "Old Guitar" (writer/vocal producer)
  • Simple Plan - "Farewell" (writer)


  • Lawson - "Love Is You" (writer)
  • Simple Plan - "Boom!" (writer)
  • Los 5 - "Manana" (writer/vocal producer)


  • Zella Day - "Hypnotic" (writer)
  • Ben Rue - "I Can't Wait (Be My Wife)" (writer)
  • Niykee Heaton - "Champagne for the Pain" (writer)
  • The Cab - "Numbers", "Stand Up" (writer/producer)


  • Big Time Rush - "Song For You" (writer/producer)
  • Emblem 3 - "I Love LA" (writer)
  • Chain Gang of 1974 - "Sleepwalking" (writer)
  • Girl On Fire - "Losing My Identity" (writer)
  • Girl On Fire - "The Takedown" (writer)



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