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Nick Bilton in December 2012

Nick Bilton (born Darlington, UK)[citation needed] is a British-American journalist and author.

He is a special correspondent for Vanity Fair, where he writes features and columns for the magazine and website. He co-wrote the 2015 Vanity Fair New Establishment List.[1] Bilton is a former technology and business columnist at The New York Times and formerly the lead blogger for the New York Times' bits blog.[2][3][4] He is also a contributor to CNBC, regularly appearing on air to discuss technology and business topics.

Bilton's reporting is credited with helping to lead the Federal Aviation Administration to overturn their long-time ban of using cell phones on airplanes.[5][6]

He is the author of three books: I live in the Future and Here's how it Works[7] and Hatching Twitter. The latter was a New York Times best seller and voted Best Book of the Year on The Wall Street Journal Readers Choice.[8] The book was optioned by Lionsgate and is currently[when?] being turned into a TV series.[9]

Bilton's book [10] about the Silk Road marketplace, titled "American Kingpin," was published on May 2, 2017, by Penguin Random House. The book debuted at #9 on The New York Times business best seller list.[11] In June, 2017, The Hollywood Reported reported that the Coen Bros. and Steve Zallian are adapting the book into a movie. [12]


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