Nick Carter, le roi des détectives

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Nick Carter, le roi des détectives
Directed by Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset
Produced by Éclair
Starring Pierre Bressol
Release date
Running time
6 episodes
Country France
Language Silent

Nick Carter, le roi des détectives (1908) is a French silent serial film based on the popular American novels featuring the master-detective Nick Carter. It was directed by Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset for the Éclair company. It was released in six episodes, each of which told a complete story, but their release was timed at approximately fortnightly intervals to create a sense of continuity with the audience. The stories were set in Paris.

The episodes, their release dates, and length were as follows:[1]

  • Part 1. Le Guet-Apens (The Doctor's Rescue). 8 September 1908. 185 metres.
  • Part 2. L'Affaire des bijoux (The Jewel Affair). 22 September 1908. 218 metres.
  • Part 3. Les Faux Monnayeurs (False Coiners). 6 October 1908. 187 metres.
  • Part 4. Les Dévaliseurs de banque (The Bank Burglar). 20 October 1908. 150 metres.
  • Part 5. Les Empreintes (The Imprints). 27 October 1908.
  • Part 6. Les Bandits en noir (The Bandits in Evening Dress). 15 November 1908. 235 metres.

The success of the film led the company to make further Nick Carter adaptations in the following years, and there were also imitations made by other companies.

Further reading[edit]

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