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Nick Chou
Chou at the Southern Taiwan University of Technology "Nice Team Night" concert, 2010
Born (1988-08-02) August 2, 1988 (age 33)
Taipei, Taiwan
OccupationSinger, actor, rapper, dancer
Years active2008—present
Musical career
Also known asNICKTHEREAL, Zhou Tanghao
InstrumentsVocals, guitar
LabelsWarner, Gold Typhoon, Sun, Universal

Nick Chou (Chinese: 周湯豪; born August 2, 1988) is a Taiwanese singer, rapper and actor.[1]

In 2010, Chou released his self-titled debut album.[2] He then released his second album, S.N.G, in 2012,[3] as well as appeared in his first drama series, I Love You So Much, as one of the male leads.[4]

Life and career[edit]

Early life[edit]

Chou's family consists of his parents and himself. His mother, whose name is Billie (比莉), starred in several dramas including They Kiss Again, Love Buffet, and The Rose, while his father, Chou Yuhou, worked with Vivian Hsu in Angel Heart.[5]

Chou was born in Taipei, Taiwan on August 2, 1988. At the age of fifteen, he went to the United States to pursue his studies.[6] He speaks English, Taiwanese, and Mandarin fluently.[7]


When he was eight years old, Chou stood on the same stage with Michael Jackson on one of his concert tours held in 1996.[8] At the age of fourteen, he sang the rap part and was featured on his mother's song, 「誰是白癡」 (Who is an idiot).[9] At fifteen, he went to study in America and was spotted by an SM Entertainment representative.[6] After hearing the news, his mother flew to America to accompany him in meeting with the company. At that time, he was almost recruited as one of the members to form Super Junior. However, since the contract terms included a 10-year-long deal, both he and his mother decided to decline the proposal.[10] Later on, when asked if he had regretted passing up the opportunity, he said:

Not really…because if I had decided to sign the contract back then, I would’ve ended my studies to go train in Korea. It was probably since I didn't go that I was able to finish my studies and also learn many things in the musical aspect. I really don't regret it! At least now, I have another chance to enter the entertainment circle and create the music I love![10]

2008–2010: Debut[edit]

In 2009, Chou was featured in Jolin Tsai's music video, "Real Man", which gained him attention from the media.[11] To prove his popularity, Warner Music set a condition that for him to release an album, he should attract at least 3000 fans to attend his debut concert. He won the chance to release an album after attracting 3085 fans to his concert held on July 10, 2010.[12]

He finally released his debut album, Nick Chou (周湯豪), on July 16, 2010, under Warner Music Taiwan.[13] The songs include "Chinese Heart (附心漢)", "Mad Love (愛瘋)", "Wake Up", and "Scolded Me Awake (罵醒我)". Chou also participated in the making of the album. In particular, he penned "Chinese Heart (附心漢)", and composed and arranged the songs "Wake Up", "Love Left (情剩)", and "翻頁作廢".[14]

2011–present: S.N.G and I Love You So Much series[edit]

In 2012, Chou starred in CTS' drama series I Love You So Much as one of the main leads, Chang Shao Feng.[4] The drama, which premiered on January 29, included Lan Cheng Long, Lee Chia-Ying, and Qiu Mao Di. Aside from acting in the drama, he also sang the ending song of the series entitled "Yi Wan Fen Zhi Yi De Ji Lu (億萬分之一的機率)".

Almost two years after the release of his debut album, Chou released his second album, S.N.G on May 30, 2012, under Gold Typhoon.[3] Once again, Chou who planned to be a singer-songwriter, participated in the making of the album.[15] He personally took on the composing, arranging and producing works of the entire album, which he spent a year writing.[16] His record company organized a concert for him at Legacy venue on June 16 since the album had already sold 15000 copies in pre-order sales even before its release.[17] In addition, Chou held a mini-concert the night before the album release to showcase some of his new songs. His title song, "S.N.G", which stands for "Super Nice Girl", was an R&B song about the search for a girlfriend.[15] Other songs included "This is Your Song", a soothing song demonstrating Chou's vocal style, the David Ke-penned "Internal Injury" and Maji Maji which is dedicated to Chou's mother.[16]


Studio albums[edit]

Year Information Track listing
2010 Nick Chou[14]
  • Chinese: 周湯豪
  • Pinyin: Chou Tang Hao
  • Release Date: July 16, 2010
  • Label: Warner Music Taiwan
  • Language: Mandarin
Track listing
  1. "附心漢 (Chinese Heart)"
  2. "周湯豪 (Nick Chou)"
  3. "Miss壞 (Miss Bad)"
  4. "罵醒我 (Scolded Me Awake)"
  5. "愛瘋 (Mad Love)"
  6. "使命必達"
  7. "Wake Up"
  8. "最後通牒 (Ultimatum)"
  9. "連線 (Connection)"
  10. "情剩 (Love Left)"
  11. "翻頁作廢"
2012 S.N.G[3]
  • Release Date: May 30, 2012
  • Label: Gold Typhoon
  • Language: Mandarin
Track listing
  1. "控 (Control)"
  2. "黑洞 (Black Hole)"
  3. "S.N.G (R&B version)"
  4. "億萬分之一的機率"
  5. "麻吉麻吉 (Maji Maji)"
  6. "我就是要 (I Just Want To)"
  7. "內傷 (Internal Injury)"
  8. "寂寞的時候 (Lonely)"
  9. "這是你的歌 (This Is Your Song)"
  10. "Super Nice Girl (dance version)"
  11. "全面失控"
2016 REAL
Track listing
  1. "妳是我的菜”
  2. "Be Mine"
  3. "I Say BABY"
  4. "My Boo"
  5. "需要你的美”
  6. "帥到分手"
  7. "角頭"
  8. "Turn Up"
  9. "Get On My Level"
  10. "Can't Hold Us Back ft. Bassjackers"
  11. "Sorry Not Sorry"
  12. "妳是我的菜 (remix)"
  13. "角頭 (remix)"

Soundtrack appearances[edit]

Year Song OST Network
2012 "億萬分之一的機率" (Yi Wan Fen Zhi Yi De Ji Lu) I Love You So Much CTS



Year Title Role Notes
1991 Da Xiao Lao Qian Zai Zai
2014 Full of Love Nick Short film

Television series[edit]

Year Network Title Role Notes
2012 CTS I Love You So Much Chang Shao Feng
2013 FTV First Kiss Cheng Qian
2014 Dragon TV One and a Half Summer Tang Bo Wen Cameo
2017 EBC Love, Timeless Shi Zhao Yu

Variety show[edit]

Year English title Original title Notes
2018 The Rap of China 中国新说唱 Contestant

Music video appearances[edit]

Year Song Title Singer(s) Album
2002 "Who Is An Idiot (誰是白癡)"[9] Billie 滑步向左
2009 "Real Man (大丈夫)"[11] Jolin Tsai Butterfly
2010 "A Flower Among Thorns (荊棘裡的花)"[18] F.I.R. Let's Smile
2013 "Can (能不能)"[19] Coco Lee Illuminate


NICKTHEREAL Party Tour[edit]

Date Location Venue Guests Attendance
September 2, 2017[20] Taipei, Taiwan A Station N/A 3,200
November 11, 2017[21] Beijing, China Beijing M Space N/A N/A
November 24, 2017[22] Shanghai, China Bandai Namco Shanghai Base N/A N/A
December 2, 2017[23] Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia KL Live Life Centre N/A 3,400
December 3, 2017[24] Singapore Shanghai Dolly N/A N/A
December 9, 2017[25] Chengdu, China 成都梵木創藝區正火藝術中心1號館 N/A N/A
April 28, 2018[26] Guangzhou, China Guangzhou Central Station Rockhouse N/A N/A
May 4, 2018[27] San Francisco, United States The Regency Ballroom N/A N/A
May 6, 2018[28] Los Angeles, United States Mayan Theater N/A N/A
Set List[29]
  1. 妳是我的菜
  2. 這是你的歌
  3. Can't hold us back
  4. Get on my level
  5. 角頭
  6. 需要你的美
  7. 帥到分手
  8. S.N.G
  9. I Say BABY
  10. Be Mine
  11. Turn up
  12. My Boo
  13. 不放
  14. 你是我的菜
  15. Sorry not sorry
  16. Circus Monkey (黃立行)
  17. 放手(Energy)
  18. 射手 (MP魔幻力量)
  19. 東區東區 (八三夭)

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result Ref.
2012 2012 Metro Radio Mandarin Hits Music Awards Presentation Metro Mandarin Idol N/A Won [30][31]
2013 Hito Music Awards Most Promising Singer-Songwriter Gold Award Won [32]
2016 2016 Sanlih Drama Awards Viewers Choice Drama Theme Song Award "Handsome to Break Up" Won [33]
2017 Hito Music Awards Favorite Singer-songwriter N/A Won [34]
MTV Global Chinese Music Awards Show Popular Breakthrough Male Artist Won [35]
2018 2018 KKBOX Music Awards Top 10 Artists Won [36]


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