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Elliott in 2021

Nicholas Raymond Elliott (born 1955, in Peterborough) is a British photographer.[1]


Elliott grew up in Stanground[2] and joined Ascential when it was East Midlands Allied Press (EMAP), and worked as an editorial photographer for Anglian Times, Motor Cycle News[3] and Motor Cycle Racing.[4]

After Elliott left EMAP he was commissioned by IPC for Truck Magazine, Car Magazine, and Auto Car.[5] Elliott also worked with agencies Saatchi & Saatchi, Yellow Hammer, Carlson, Young & Rubican,[5] GGT, Ogilvy & Mather, and MSBK.[6]

In 1990, Publicis' campaign If You're Not Feeling Too Special for Sonatogen[3] placed 3rd in Euro Best Awards using Elliott’s photography. Elliott was commissioned by TBWA to photograph the 1992 UK general election billboard for the Liberal Democrats.[5]

Elliott has photographed musicians throughout his career, shot in Nashville, Tennessee,[7] in 2010 and for Planet Rock.[8]

Published work[edit]

Elliott's images have been used by record companies and musicians, and his work has been exhibited.[9][10]

In 2011, Rufus Stone[11] released a book; TEN-A Decade In Images, using Elliott’s images from the Cambridge Folk Festival,[12] endorsed by the festival organisers Cambridge City Council.[13] Elliott published a follow-up; 50Folk,[14] as a personal celebration of 50 years of the festival, in 2014.

A year later, Elliott released Three Weeks One Summer[6] documenting The Marmalade during the making of Penultimate.[15] A fourth book, Ice Cream & Sun Cream, was released in 2017.[16]


Elliott had a cameo in music videos by Gary Curtis: "Crazy Love";[17] "If Every Day Was Like Christmas";[18] "Why";[19] and "All Alone At Christmas";[20] and short film The Guardian, by Aturn Films, in 2015.[21]

Elliott’s music choice was the subject of a seven-episode special, Tracks of Nick's Years, on community radio Endeavour FM in 2014. The following year, Elliott co-hosted Sound And Nick's Vision on university radio Siren FM.[22]

In 2021, Elliott began travelling around Norfolk in a motorhome, Penthouse One, with Andy Blithe.[23]

Personal life[edit]

Elliott has been divorced twice and lives in Norfolk, England.[23]


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