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Nick Evangelista (born 1949[1]) is a fencing master, author, and magazine publisher. He teaches the classical French school of fencing in Springfield, Missouri. He also teaches the MSU Fencing Club as well. He was trained by Olympic fencer Ralph Faulkner. He is also the publisher of Fencers Quarterly Magazine.[2]


One of the more prolific and outspoken proponents of classical fencing, Evangelista has authored several books, including:

  • The Encyclopedia of the Sword (1995); ISBN 0-313-27896-2
  • The Art and Science of Fencing (1996); ISBN 1-57028-075-4
  • Fighting with Sticks (1998)
  • The Inner Game of Fencing (2000); ISBN 1-57028-230-7
  • Evangelista, Nick; Evangelista, Anita; Brown, Roberta (Afterword) (September 1, 2001). The Woman Fencer (Paperback) (1st ed.). Terre Haute, Indiana: Wish Publishing. p. 288. ISBN 1930546483. ISBN 978-1930546486

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