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Nick Hatter
Nick Hatter - Life Coach
Born (1991-06-26) June 26, 1991 (age 27)
Bristol, England
OccupationLife Coach
Notable work
Founder of giftgaming

Nick (Nicholas) Hatter (born 26 June 1991) is a British life coach and entrepreneur. Hatter has coached actors, musicians, psychiatrists, ex-military, CEOs[1] and notable clientele, such as musician and curator Wolfgang Wild[2].

Life Coaching[edit]

Hatter is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic programming and his coaching draws from a number of models and frameworks including the GROW model, psychodynamic psychology and hypnotherapy[1].

In 2018, Hatter was awarded the Bark Certificate of Excellence for his life coaching services[2].

As a writer, Hatter has written about life coaching and personal development, and his contributions have featured on Arianna Huffington's ThriveGlobal[3], Metro[4] and The Good Men Project[5].


Hatter is known for founding the in-game advertising company, giftgaming[6], which was one of the most oversubscribed equity crowdfunding projects ever in 2014, beating his fundraising target by 374%[7].

In 2014, giftgaming was named the overall winner of TechCrunch London Meetup[8] and was a participant on TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield 2014[9]. In 2015, he later raised £35,000 in just a few days via the Seedrs crowdfunding platform[10].

In January 2015, Sir Paul Judge, founder of Cambridge Judge Business School, led an investment committee that gave giftgaming an £8,000 grant[11].

In March 2017, giftgaming raised a third round of investment at a £1.7 million valuation[12].

Later in January 2018, Hatter announced that he was resigning as CEO and shutting down the company to focus on life coaching, having become disillusioned with the advertising industry and realising that he enjoyed helping people more [6].

Personal life[edit]

Hatter was born and grew up in Bristol. He had a difficult childhood, suffering abuse from a very young age and being bullied at school because of his weight[13]. From the age of 13-years-old, Hatter gained computer programming skills by creating video games with DarkBASIC, and later, graduated with a First in BSc (Hons) Computer Science at the School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton[14].

After graduating, Hatter left Southampton to work for Netcraft briefly as Internet Services Developer. During his time at Netcraft, he discovered a unique phishing attack where the attackers were using live chat to defraud eBay customers[15]. In December 2013, Hatter moved to Cambridge, where he founded in-game advertising company giftgaming and was the CEO for 4 years. Whilst living in Cambridge, Hatter was educated pro bono by Cambridge Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge, via their Accelerate Cambridge programme[16].

In January 2018, Hatter announced that he was shutting down giftgaming to focus on his life coaching career, due to burnout and a general lack of fulfilment. In December 2018, Hatter filed a legal claim against estate agency Marsh & Parsons and his previous landlady for just under £10,000 in damages over being allegedly missold a rented flat and “excessive noise” at his home in Notting Hill, London[17].


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