Nick Marone

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Nick Marone
Jack Wagner as Nick Marone
The Bold and the Beautiful character
Portrayed by Jack Wagner
Duration 2003–12
First appearance March 28, 2003
Last appearance February 29, 2012
Created by Bradley Bell
The Price Is Right
Let's Make a Deal
Classification Former, regular
Occupation Businessman
Home Marone Mansion
68210 Rose Briar Place
Los Angeles, California

Dominick "Nick" Marone (born Payne) is a fictional character on the CBS soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. The character was originated by Jack Wagner on March 28, 2003. Much of Nick's storylines has revolved around his relationships with Bridget Forrester, her mother Brooke Logan, the other Logan sisters--Katie Logan, Donna Logan and the Logan frenemy Taylor Hayes. Wagner departed after the character dropped off canvas, following speculation that he was taken off his contract.[1]


Nick Payne arrives in town after a shipwreck. Soon, he is romancing the Valley girl-turned-superstar chemist, fashion industry powerhouse and scandal-prone inamorata, Brooke Logan. This eventually puts him at odds with her love, Ridge Forrester. Their rivalry is exacerbated when his mother, Jacqueline Payne, reveals to Nick that he is the son of his employer, billionaire shipping magnate Massimo Marone making him Ridge's half-brother. Brooke chooses to marry Ridge. They go on their honeymoon in South America, where Ridge is kidnapped by a group of thugs working for Sheila Carter, a criminal who killed Taylor Hayes (later revealed to be alive). While saving Ridge, Brooke and Nick end up also being held captive by Sheila, demanding Gold from them as ransom from Massimo. Ridge falls into a furnace and is presumed dead. While grieving, Brooke and Nick have sex. It is later revealed Ridge is alive. Brooke also falls pregnant and Nick is the father (the truth is later revealed that Ridge is the father). Brooke nearly marries Nick but the wedding is stopped by Ridge. Nick later had a brief relationship with Ridge's sister, Felicia. She returned to L.A with a son called Dominick. Later, Nick begins to romance Bridget Forrester. They get married (a small interruption in their ceremony which reveals that Taylor Hayes was alive stops the initial wedding) at the Forrester Mansion. Bridget falls pregnant, but finds out that Nick and her own mother, Brooke, had begun an affair. She faked an abortion. Nick and Bridget's stillborn baby Nicole was born in early 2006. They split up soon after. Nick, wanting Brooke back, stopped her wedding to Ridge (as Ridge had done to him), and succeeded. Brooke and Nick finally married soon afterward. On one of the fashion show television shows Ridge purposely gave Brooke a scandalizing kiss causing Nick to lose it. Ridge continues his constant sexual advances to Brooke to try to break up Nick and Brooke and decides to put Donna on as lead model for Brooke's Bedroom to make Brooke jealous. Brooke leaves Nick in their bedroom in a huff when she sees Donna on television scantily clad and representing Brooke's Bedroom and goes to Ridge's house to confront him about it. Nick later slept with Bridget. Also during this time, Stephanie pushed Jackie off the staircase at the Forrester mansion. Nick blackmailed Stephanie into selling him Forrester creations (he later sells it back). After many problems, he underwent therapy with the aid of Taylor. He told her about Jackie's days in Seattle, when she sold herself for money they were poor. Much turmoil followed between Nick and the Forresters. Despite the growing animosity between the Forresters and the Marones, Taylor remained Nick's friend. After Taylor's relationship with Thorne ended. Taylor and Nick almost automatically fell in love and married each other. Nick and Taylor decide to have a child but her eggs are not viable; so she needed a donor. Soon after the birth, it was revealed the baby's donor (due to a mix up) was Brooke. Taylor had difficulty being in a family with Nick and Brooke's biological baby, Jack. Taylor begins drinking again, they divorce and shared joint custody. Taylor later handed the baby over to Brooke. Nick and Bridget give their relationship another Chance. They get married for the second time in July 2008. Later, Bridget's aunt, Katie, undergoes heart issues after being shot. During this difficult time, Nick and Katie (who had always liked Nick) had sex resulting in a pregnancy. Nick left briefly for business. Bridget and Nick once again re-connect in 2009 (months after their divorce) and remarry. They decide to have a baby via surrogate, who is a lady named Aggie. After Aggie and Bridget get into another verbal altercation, Aggie falls down and collapses, losing the baby.

Aggie developed feelings for Nick herself. Bridget later falls pregnant after a one night stand with Owen Knight (Nick's mother's husband). Nick and Bridget divorce and he begins a flirtation with Aggie which later ended after Nick was diagnosed with cancer, but was later revealed to be in good health. Nick resurfaces as he helps Taylor in the Forrester family dilemma when the Forrester jet crashes into the Atlantic carrying Brooke and Thomas. He helps Ridge to find his family. Nick later receives an anonymous message from a woman asking to meet him in the Jackie M steam room, and is shocked when he discovers that it is Stephanie's sister, Pamela Douglas. Pam informs him that Stephen left her and confesses to finding him (Nick) increasingly attractive, but Nick initially rejects her advances. Meanwhile, Jackie M is facing a tough situation. After firing Amber Moore for stealing Forrester designs, Jackie begins to worry as they do not have a designer. Jackie subsequently convinces Nick to spend some time with Pam in return for her stealing designs from Eric. Nick then begins a relationship with Donna Logan, after she splits up with her husband, Justin Barber. However, she soon finds out about Nick and Pam's scheme and breaks up with him.