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Nick Meglin, born in 1935, was a member of the Mad editorial staff for 48 years. His progress can be observed by studying the magazine's masthead, which moved him from "Ideas" to "War Correspondent" (during an army stint) to "Editorial Associate" to "Associate Editor" to "Editor," a position which he held for 20 years. His business cards used to identify him as Mad Magazine's Tennis Editor. After retiring from that job in 2004, Meglin was listed as a Contributing Editor.[1]


Although he had fewer than ten official bylines in 48 years, Meglin was a major behind-the-scenes contributor to the satirical magazine's contents and direction. Meglin was also an art instructor at the School of Visual Arts in New York City; his books include The Art of Humorous Illustration and Drawing from Within.[2][3]


In addition to his work on Mad, Meglin wrote for the musical theater. He wrote book and lyrics for Tim and Scrooge, a musical sequel to A Christmas Carol with music by Neil Berg. He also collaborated with Berg and librettist Dan Remmes on a musical version of the film Grumpy Old Men.[4][5]

Meglin now lives in Durham, North Carolina, where he teaches illustration.[1]