Nick O'Connor

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Nick O'Connor
Nick O'Connor.jpg
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Darren Bransford
Duration 2001–2004
First appearance 2001
Last appearance 2004
Created by Jo Hallows
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Student

Nicholas "Nick" O'Connor is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera, Hollyoaks, played by Darren Bransford. He made his first appearance in 2001 before leaving in 2004.

Character development[edit]

The character's style was changed and the wardrobe department started to dress Nick in hats. Bransford was delighted with the change because he could have messy hair and just take a hat from the department.[1] The character was written out in 2004.[2]


Wacky, gregarious and sensitive, Nick arrived as a fresher with best friend Jodie Nash. He was immediately involved in controversy when he was attacked outside The Dog in The Pond for being gay. Yet Nick coped well with the situation, thanks to the help of Jodie. Nick began dating Greg, whom he met at a gay club, but it was over when Nick discovered that he was two-timing him. Nick went on to become confused about his sexuality after he had doubts about being gay.

With Jodie upset when her brother Jamie had died, Nick tried to comfort her and the pair ended up sleeping together. Jodie went away from Hollyoaks to clear her head, and Nick began to date Nathan Rogers, who worked at Il Gnosh. Yet, when Jodie returned, the pair decided to be just friends. Nick realised that he felt comfortable being gay after having strong feelings for Nathan. Yet there was only one problem, Nick’s parents did not know about his sexuality. Nathan encouraged Nick to come clean and the pair went together to Nick’s farmhouse to confess the truth. However, Nick's father's reaction was bad as he forced Nick and Nathan out of the house. This left Nick shattered and terribly upset, despite Nathan trying to comfort him.

Yet, Nick's mother phoned him up to tell him that his father had just had a heart attack. Nick rushed to his bedside, and his father told him that the farm was not doing well and he needed an extra pair of hands. Nick decided to help his father out, yet Nathan had plans to go on holiday, but Nick decided he had to help his father due to his condition. Nathan was frustrated by this and asked Nick to choose between him or his parents. Nathan ended up dumping Nick, which left him devastated. Trying to make a success of his life, Nick completed a degree in arts and wanted to travel around the world. However, his father had other plans as he wanted Nick to run the farm. Once again, Nick had to choose between his choice and his parents, but this time Nick thought it was best for him to do what he wanted to do. Bidding a farewell to Hollyoaks, Nick left feeling free and being able to do whatever he wanted to do.


Sam Soap writing for Inside Soap magazine opined that Nick, Kristian and Dannii never had any storylines when they moved into their flat. He added that he was past caring about what the forgotten character did.[3]


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