Nick Reynolds (sculptor)

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Nick Reynolds is a British sculptor, best known for his creation of death masks. He is the son of Bruce Reynolds, a criminal who was involved in the Great Train Robbery.[1]

In his youth Reynolds moved around a lot as his father was constantly on the run and living under an assumed name. He went to school in Mexico when the family lived there. As a young adult he was in the Royal Navy and went to the Falkland Islands when the UK responded to the Argentinian invasion in 1982.

People whose death mask he has created include Pat Castange, Lord Jago Elliot and George "Taters" Chatham, once the best-known thief in Britain; but perhaps his most controversial creation is the mask of John Joe "Ash" Amador, a 30-year-old American, who was executed in Huntsville, Texas for the 1994 murder of a San Antonio taxi driver.

Reynolds also plays harmonica in Alabama 3, the London-based group that created the The Sopranos theme song.[2]