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Nick Sider
Born (1988-01-08) January 8, 1988 (age 31)
ResidenceNew York City
Known forHyperrealism

Nicholas Sider (born January 8, 1988) is a Canadian artist whose paintings are in the school of hyperrealism.

Early life[edit]

Sider knew as a child in Canada that he wanted to be a painter. But he did not pursue his dream until, at the age of 25 he quit his job, and taught himself painting. His father moved to New York, and Sider took the opportunity to also move where it was easier to get involved in the art world.[1]


A Canadian born artist based out of New York, Sider specializes in hyperrealism and is a self-taught acrylic painter. Sider has experimented with a wide range of techniques and subject matters but has most recently focused his work on hyperrealism.[2][3][4] His acrylic paintings appear as perfectly focused photographs.[1] He hosted his first solo show in New York in 2016. Because of several viral videos posted on the social media site Instagram, Sider developed a following of 100,000 art fans, which led to his ability to successfully sell his work all over the world.[1]


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