Nick Turner

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Nick Turner
Also known as Nicky Turner
Occupation(s) Drummer
Associated acts The Raincoats, The Barracudas, The Lords of the New Church

Nick Turner, sometimes credited as Nicky Turner, is a drummer that briefly played with The Raincoats[1] and became a founding member of The Barracudas. He left that band to form The Lords of the New Church.[2] In August 2015 he was invited to play drums for the band 69 Cats, a group made up of members from bands including The 69 Eyes, The Cramps, The Rockats and others. This marked his first time playing drums live in 28 years.[3]

In 1993 Turner entered into a joint venture with I.R.S. Records, heading the new Shock Therapy label.[4]

Turner has been a technology innovator since late 1994 when he produced the first ever live video concert broadcast with a major label band on the Internet [5] and organized the first video 'fan' conference with members of the classic rock band, The Doors.[6]

He launched Rocktropolis in early '95, one of the web's earliest music websites, 'rock n roll's first virtual city,[7]' that received significant media attention.[8]

In the late '90s he became a vice president at N2K.[9]

Turner's drumsticks were featured for 8 years in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, one of the largest drumstick collections in the world.[10]


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