Nicky Deuce

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Nicky Deuce
Based onNicky Deuce: Welcome to the Family By Steven R. Schirripa and Charles Fleming
Screenplay byArt Edler Brown
Andy Callahan
Will Schifrin
Story byCharles Fleming
Steven R. Schirripa
Directed byJonathan A. Rosenbaum
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Running time67 minutes
DistributorGaiam Vivendi Entertainment
Original networkNickelodeon
Original releaseMay 27, 2013

Nicky Deuce is a Nickelodeon/YTV film starring Noah Munck, which is based on the book Nicky Deuce: Welcome to the Family.[1] The film was directed by Jonathan A. Rosenbaum and written by Art Edler Brown, Andy Callahan, and Douglas Sloan. It premiered on Nickelodeon on May 27, 2013.[2]


The teenager Nicholas Borelli II lives with his parents in a typical US small town. His life is not very exciting, especially since his parents are overbearing with regard to germs and diet. He is to spend the summer holidays in a math camp, while his parents are working in Papua New Guinea. However, the camp does not take place. Seeing difficulty in getting Nicholas to Papua New Guinea, he is sent to spend the summer in Brooklyn, New York City, with his paternal grandmother Tutti and his uncle Frankie, both of whom he's never met.

First, Nicholas is overwhelmed by life in the big city. Besides, he does not dare to ask his uncle about his job, since his father had persuaded him to stay away from Frankie, since he would not fit into the family. Nicholas finds connection to the New York teenagers Donna and Tommy, who help him to get along in the metropolis. Over time, the clues are growing that Frankie is working for the Mafia. When Nicholas takes a phone call on Frankie's private phone, he takes a job for a certain Paulie, which actually leads him into a mafia environment. Inspired by one of his favorite movies, he gives himself the name 'Nicky Deuce'. By chance, he gains some recognition within the gangster ring, which brings him further orders. Nicky is also sure his uncle is a mafioso, as the orders were intended for him.

Nicky, Donna and Tommy are discovering that the Gangster gang is cheating on horseback in a big way by conditioning their own racehorses through hypnosis and launching them as outsiders. Through a keyword, the horse is "switched" in the race, wins the race, and the gang around Paulie cashes large amounts of money. Tommy is accidentally hypnotized too. The teenagers kidnap the racehorse, whereupon the gangsters kidnap Tutti. However, Nicky and the gang's attempt to exchange Tutti for the racehorse fails. Nicky, Donna, Tommy, Tutti and Frankie, as well as Nicky's parents are overwhelmed and tied up by the gangsters. They manage to free themselves, but can no longer prevent the manipulated horse breeding.

When Paulie wants to pick up his winnings, Frankie reveals his true profession: as a covert investigator of the NYPD, he was thrown into the Gangster gang to reveal their criminal machinations; the gang is caught in flagranti and arrested. Nicky's dad now sees Frankie in a new light and they reconcile. Tutti tells Nicky's parents to allow him to have more excitement in his life. The group attends a dance together, and Nicky and Donna kiss.



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