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For the voice actor, see Chowder (TV series).
Nicky Jones of Dangerous! at Epitaph Records in Los Angeles, California November 2013.

Nicholas William "Nicky" Jones (born November 14, 1986) is an Australian recording artist and is recognised as a forming member of popular punk band Dangerous![1]

Jones presented finished guitar and bass parts to songs to Dangerous!, which became their debut album, Teenage Rampage (Epitaph Records). He directed and produced the "Big Muff" and "Movers N Shakers" videos from the album and provided art direction and production on the Teenage Rampage and "Not One Of You" record sleeves.

Early life[edit]

Jones received his first pay check at the age of 7 for work on a Compaq commercial.[citation needed] He had an early interest in punk and grunge music,[2] most notably aged 9 in Nirvana's From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah.[2] At the age of 11 he became obsessed with hardcore street skateboarding and skated every day of the year,[3] sometimes alone. He attended an elementary school for gifted students though later he rarely attended high school rather opting to sleep at home or read magazines. Jones formed popular punk band Dangerous! when he was 20.[citation needed]

Associated instruments[edit]

Jones is most commonly associated[4] with Fender electric guitars and A/B'ing Fender Deville combo amplifiers with Marshall stacks, although he notably used a Peavey 5150 amplifier loaned from Brett Gurewitz and originally a gift from Eddie Van Halen on Teenage Rampage.[2][4]


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