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Nicky Nutjob is a cartoon character and winner of The Beano's Comic Idol 2006 reader poll, drawn by artist Kelly Dyson. He became a regular character in May 2006. The premise of the story is that Nicky's dad is an eccentric inventor, but his gadgets always go wrong, causing mayhem for Nutjob Jnr. Despite receiving the most votes in the poll, the character did not endear himself to the comic's legions of fans and he was quietly dropped after less than a handful of disappointing adventures. Zap Zodiac, Comic Idol's previous winner, in 2005, was also as unsuccessful, lasting just three months. Nicky Nutjob's last appearance was drawn by artist (and 'Blinky' creator), Nick Brennan. Nicky Nutjob returns in the Beano Annual 2009. The strip is drawn by Wayne Thompson.