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Nicky Skopelitis is an American guitarist and composer of Greek descent, born January 19, 1960 is best known as a guitarist. He also has performed on banjo, oud, lute, keyboards and other instruments. Although Skopelitis has recorded few albums as a bandleader, he has appeared on many more recordings, often collaborating with prolific bass guitarist and producer Bill Laswell. Until 1987 or so, he used the spelling "Scopelitis" for his last name.


Leader or co-leader[edit]

  • 1989: Next to Nothing (Venture Records)
  • 1991: with Sonny Sharrock: Faith Moves (CMP Records)
  • 1993: Ekstasis (Axiom)
  • 1993: Ekstasis Live
  • 1998: Ekstasis: Wake Up And Dream (Cyber Octave)
  • 2001: with Raoul Björkenheim : Revelator (Innerhythmic)
  • 2009: Nicky Skopelitis, Babis Papadopoulos & Floros Floridis - Well, Anything Can Happen (Puzzlemusic, Greece)
  • 2011: Floridis-Skopelitis - Okay Temiz, Three Of A Sort (Morgenland)

Sideman (incomplete)[edit]

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