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Nico Semsrott
2018 Nico Semsrott - by 2eight - DSC9507.jpg
Member of the European Parliament
for Germany
Assuming office
2 July 2019[1][2]
Personal details
Born (1986-03-11) 11 March 1986 (age 33)
Hamburg, Germany
Political partyDie PARTEI

Nico Semsrott (born 11 March 1986) is a German Kabarett artist, politician (Die PARTEI) and slam poet who was elected as a Member of the European Parliament in 2019.[3]



In school, he founded the satirical school newspaper Sophie's Underworld (German: Sophies Unterwelt) together with his younger brother, Arne Semsrott [de] at the Hamburg Sophie-Barat-Schule [de]. Its sale was banned on the school grounds by the school's headmistress.[4]

Since 2008, Semsrott has portrayed a depressive persona on poetry slams and cabarets. His first solo show, titled "Joy is just a lack of information" (German: Freude ist nur ein Mangel an Informationen), premiered on 14 June 2012 in Hamburg. He performed updated versions from Autumn 2014 until Christmas 2018. In 2019, Semsrott announced a pause in favor of his political work.[5] Semsrott was part of the ZDF heute-show team from 2017 until 2019, hosting the segment No Fun Facts.[6]


Semsrott ran in the 2017 German federal election as leading candidate for Berlin for Die PARTEI, a satirical German political party, receiving 2.1% of the votes.[7][4]

In the 2019 European elections, Semsrott was elected to the European Parliament as the second party-list candidate (behind Martin Sonneborn) from Die PARTEI. His Party received 2.4%. Unlike other elections in Germany, there is no 5%- threshold concerning the European Parliament elections. In the preelection Semsrott criticized the lack of attention given to younger generations in a TV advertisement.[8][9][10] A survey made after the election showed that votes for "die PARTEI" came especially from first-time voters (about 9% of this group). [11]



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