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Nicolaas Wilhelm Jungmann (in England frequently spelled Jungman; 5 February 1872 – 14 August 1935) was an Anglo-Dutch painter of landscapes and figural subjects, a book-illustrator and decorator.


Jungmann was born in Amsterdam, where he was apprenticed to a church painter, and studied at the Rijksakademie. He came to London about 1893 on a scholarship and became a naturalized British subject, returning to the Netherlands frequently, to paint in Volendam. In 1900 Jungmann married Beatrix Mackay with whom he had three children, Loyd, Zita (1903-2006) and Teresa (nicknamed "Baby") (1907-2010). As a naturalised Briton, he was interned by German forces during the First World War, which led eventually to the break-up of his marriage. Jungmann made several painting excursions to Brittany and Holland with his friend and fellow-painter Charles W. Bartlett. He illustrated topographical books on Holland (1904) and Norway (1905) for which his wife Beatrix wrote the text, as well as one on Normandy (1905) with a text by Geraldine Edith Mitton. He died, aged 63, in London.

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After their divorce in 1918, Beatrix remarried to become the second wife (or third wife, counting an annulment) of Richard Guinness (1873-1949) from the banking branch of the Guinness family. She stood godmother in 1931 to the infant Patrick Guinness (1931-1965), son of her husband's nephew Thomas "Loel" Guinness and his first wife Hon Joan Yarde-Buller (later Pss Aly Khan).

His daughters Zita and Teresa became famous as two of the original "Bright Young People" in the 1920s, and both lived to 102.[1] Teresa married Graham Cuthbertson in 1940 and had two children, Penelope and Richard.[2]

Gallery: Ruhleben Prison Camp[edit]


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