Patriarch Nicodim of Romania

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His Beatitude
Patriarch Nicodim of Romania
By God's mercy, Archbishop of Bucharest,
Metropolitan of Ungro-Vlachia,
Locum tenens of the throne of Caesarea Cappadociae and
Patriarch of All Romania
Никодим (Мунтяну).jpg
Church Romanian Orthodox Church
See Bucharest
Installed July 5, 1939
Term ended February 27, 1948
Predecessor Patriarch Miron of Romania
Successor Patriarch Justinian of Romania
Personal details
Birth name Nicolae Munteanu
Born (1864-12-06)6 December 1864
Pipirig, Neamț County
Died 27 February 1948(1948-02-27) (aged 83)
Buried Romanian Patriarchal Cathedral
Nationality Romanian
Denomination Christian Orthodox
Alma mater Kiev-Mohyla Academy, Russian Empire
Patriarh Nicodim (centre), with Mihai I (right) and Gheorghiu-Dej (left) at a reception at the Soviet embassy, 1946

Nicodim (Romanian pronunciation: [nikoˈdim]), born Nicolae Munteanu ([nikoˈla.e munˈte̯anu]; December 6, 1864, Pipirig, Neamț County, Romania – February 27, 1948, Bucharest), was the head of the Romanian Orthodox Church (Patriarch of All Romania) between 1939 and 1948.


He studied theology at the Kiev-Mohyla Academy, Russian Empire and became a monk at Neamț Monastery in 1894.

Nicodim was supportive of the Royal Family of Romania and a notable anti-Communist, refusing to give support for the Soviet-backed Communist regime in the process of installation in Romania in 1945–1947. His death in 1948 and the subsequent appointment of a new Patriarch, Justinian I, who was supportive of the Communists, has been viewed as suspect by historians.

Nicodim Munteanu was buried at the Romanian Patriarchal Cathedral in Bucharest, next to the first Patriarch of Romania Miron Cristea.

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Eastern Orthodox Church titles
Preceded by
Miron Cristea
Patriarch of All Romania
Succeeded by
Justinian Marina