Nicolás Echevarría

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Nicolás Echevarría
Born (1947-08-08) 8 August 1947 (age 69)
Nayarit, Mexico
Occupation Film director
Years active 1973-present

Nicolás Echevarría (born 8 August 1947) is a Mexican film director and cinematographer. He has directed over 20 films since 1973. His 1991 film Cabeza de Vaca was entered into the 41st Berlin International Film Festival.[1]

Echevarría draws on his Mexican heritage in early films. He discusses his observations of Mexican spirituality in an interview with Betsy Sussler: “I have worked with about ten groups of Indians in Mexico, and the things that I have come across most often—related to all of them is this: there are two worlds, one belongs to everyday life—to man, we get up, we take a shower, we think about what we eat for breakfast, what we’ll do for the day . . . Now there is another world, it could be called the Sacred Space.” He lived with the Huichol people for two years and made three films with them. Echevarría features a Mexican Shaman woman in his 1978 documentary María Sabina, mujer espíritu.[2]

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