Nicolae Grigorescu metro station

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Nicolae Grigorescu
Nicolae Grigorescu Metro Station.jpg
Location Titan Square (ex-Sălăjan),
Sector 3, Bucharest
Platforms 2 - One island, one side platform
Tracks 3
Structure type Underground
Opened November 1981 (Nicolae Grigorescu 1) , November 2008 (Nicolae Grigorescu 2)
Preceding station   Bucharest Metro   Following station
toward Dristor
Line M1
toward Republica
toward Preciziei
Line M3

Nicolae Grigorescu is a metro station in Bucharest. It is named after the Romanian painter Nicolae Grigorescu, and shares this name with the nearby boulevard, Bd. Nicolae Grigorescu. Before 1990, it was known as Leontin Sălăjan, after a Communist Army General.


An extension to Line M1/M3 connects Nicolae Grigorescu to Anghel Saligny. The extension has been open since 20 November 2008.

Coordinates: 44°24′49″N 26°09′30″E / 44.41373°N 26.15846°E / 44.41373; 26.15846