Nikolai Turczaninow

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Nikolai Turczaninow

Nikolai Stepánovich Turczanínow (1796 in Nikitovka, now in Krasnogvardeysky District, Belgorod Oblast, Russia – 1863 in Kharkov) was a Russian botanist who first identified several genera, and many species of plants. Several species have been named after him, including Connarus turczaninowii, Hydrocotyle turczaninowii, and Sisymbrium turczaninowii.

In 1814, Turczaninow graduated from Kharkov University and went to work as a civil servant in St. Petersburg, where he published his first botanical list in 1825. In 1828 Turczaninov was assigned an administrative post in Irkutsk, Siberia. This allowed him to collect in the Lake Baikal area, and a spate of papers followed.[1]

Turczaninov later opened an herbarium in Taganrog on the Sea of Azov. After a debilitating fall, he allowed others to collect for him and he spent his time in classification, study and writing.

List of selected publications[edit]


The journal, Turczaninow is anamed after him.


  • 1857: Demidov Prize of the Academy of Sciences of St. Petersburg.

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