Nicolas Jebran

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Nicolas Jebran
Lebanese fashion designer Nicolas Jebran.jpg
Nicolas Jebran (middle) during a concert in August 2015
Native name نيكولا جبران‎
Born Lebanon
Nationality Lebanese
Label(s) NJ, Jebran

Nicolas Jebran (Arabic: نيكولا جبران‎) is a Lebanese fashion designer famous for haute couture in addition to his line of accessories, shoes and bags called "Jebran".

Jebran started showing interest in art very early on. In 1990, and in 1999 he took part in Lebanese reality television competition Studio El Fan (in Arabic ستوديو الفن) in fashion category coming second.[1] In 2000, he established his fashion house in Abu Dhabi, UAE and in 2001 launched his first line in 2001 and continued his studies in design of jewelry and accessories in Beirut. He later opened another fashion house in Beirut, Lebanon. His designs are worn by famous pan-Arab and international stars.[1][2][3]


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