Nicolas de Leuchtenberg

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Nicolas de Leuchtenberg
Spouse(s) Anne Bügge
Nicolas Maximilien de Leuchtenberg
Constantin de Leuchtenberg
Full name
Nicolas Alexander Fritz
Noble family Beauharnais
Father Nicolas Nicolaïevitch de Leuchtenberg
Mother Élisabeth Müller-Himmler
Born (1933-10-12) 12 October 1933 (age 83)

Nicolas de Leuchtenberg (Nicolas Alexander Fritz; born 12 October 1933, Munich) is a claimant to the Dukedom of Leuchtenberg.[citation needed] He is the son of Nicolas Nicolaïevitch de Leuchtenberg and his wife Élisabeth Müller-Himmler, and is thus a direct descendent of Alexandre de Beauharnais, Joséphine de Beauharnais, and of Eugène de Beauharnais, first Duke of Leuchtenberg.[citation needed]

On 24 August 1962, he married Anne Bügge (born 1936), with whom he has two children:

  • Nicolas Maximilien de Leuchtenberg (1963–2002), died unmarried and without issue
  • Constantin de Leuchtenberg (born 1965), unmarried and without issue

Patrilineal descent[edit]

  1. William I Beauharnais, seigneur de Miramion
  2. William II Beauharnais, seigneur de Miramion
  3. Jean de Beauharnais, seigneur de Miramion
  4. William III Beauharnais, seigneur de Miramion
  5. William IV Beauharnais, seigneur de Miramion
  6. François I de Beauharnais, seigneur de Miramion, died 1587
  7. François II de Beauharnais, seigneur de La Grillière, died 1651
  8. Jean de Beauharnais, seigneur de La Boische et de La Chaussée, 1606–1661
  9. François IV de Beauharnais, écuyer, sieur de la Boische, 1600–1681
  10. Claude de Beauharnais, seigneur de Beaumont, 1680–1738
  11. François V de Beauharnais, seigneur de Beaumont, 1714–1800
  12. Alexandre, vicomte de Beauharnais, 1760–1794
  13. Eugène de Beauharnais, 1st Duke of Leuchtenberg, 1781–1824
  14. Maximilian de Beauharnais, 3rd Duke of Leuchtenberg, 1817–1852
  15. Nicolas I Maximilianovich de Beauharnais, 4th Duke of Leuchtenberg, 1843–1891
  16. Nicolas II Nicolaevich de Beauharnais, 1868–1928
  17. Nicolas III de Beauharnais, 1896–1937
  18. Nicolas IV Alexander Fritz de Beauharnais, born 1933

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Nicolas de Leuchtenberg
Born: 12 October 1933
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Sergei Georgievich
Duke of Leuchtenberg

(nominal in Russia;
see Heirs since 1974)

1974 – Present

Titles in pretence
Preceded by
Grand Duke of Frankfurt
1988 – Present
Reason for succession failure:
Grand Duchy abolished in 1813