Nicolas de Pigage

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Nicolas de Pigage

Nicolas de Pigage (3 August 1723 – 30 July 1796) was a French builder.

Pigage was born in Lunéville. His father was a stonemason. In 1743 he began his studies at the École Militaire, changing to the Académie Royale d'Architecture after only one year studying under Jacques-François Blondel. Elector Karl Theodor summoned him to his court in Mannheim and in 1752 he became the Oberbaudirector.

Under his supervision, Schloss Benrath was built in 1755 to 1773 in Düsseldorf-Benrath. In 1762 he became the Head-Gardener of the gardens around the castle.

De Pigage contributed to the erection of the residency in Mannheim and of Schwetzingen Castle. He led the construction of the eastern wing of the Mannheimer Schloss.

He was the architect of the Karlstor and of a mansion called Pflege Schönau. Pigage conducted many joint projects with Franz Wilhelm Rabaliatti but they were also in competition with each other.

He died in Schwetzingen.


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