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Nicolaus Laurentii (fl. 1477–1485) is the Latin form of the name of Niccolò di Lorenzo, also known as Niccolò Todesco ("Nicholas the German"). He was a German printer who lived in Florence, Italy in the late fifteenth century. He was among the first printers to use copper plate engravings and printed a number of works of importance to the Italian Renaissance.


Laurentii moved to Florence from Breslau, Germany. He worked with Johannes Petri of Mainz in a nunnery of the Dominican Order. The sisters there served as compositors and printers.

Among the works printed by Laurentii are Cristoforo Landino's commentary to The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri (which had been printed for the first time in 1472) and the Septe Giornate della Geographia di Francesco Berlinghieri by Francesco Berlinghieri, which was one of the first printed works based upon Ptolemy's Geographica.

Works printed[edit]

Nicolaus Laurentii's printed works include:

De medicina (Manuzio riedition of a few years later)


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