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Nicole Conn (born October 29, 1959 in Mesa, Arizona) is a film director, producer, and screenwriter most famous for her debut feature, the lesbian love story Claire of the Moon (1992).

little man[edit]

Conn's little man is a documentary about the extremely premature birth of her son, Nicholas. Born 100 days too early, Nicholas weighed only one pound. The film is the winner of 12 film festival awards from around the United States.

Preemie World[edit]

Her most recent venture is Preemie World, [1] a website that provides a nexus between prematurity and disability. Conn used this site to launch NICU Preemie Tags, which are pieces of jewelry inspired by the dog tags soldiers wear into battle. The NICU Preemie Tags are considered by Conn as a way to honor all the children who were once premature babies fighting for their lives in the NICU and all the people who have loved and nurtured those children.




  • Demi-Monde Productions (1987)
  • Little Man Nicholas, LLC (2002)

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