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Nicole Lapin
Lapin at Fashion Week, NYC, February 2007
Born Nicole Miriam Lapin
(1984-03-07) March 7, 1984 (age 31)[1]
Los Angeles, California, U.S.[2]
Nationality United States
Education Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University
Occupation News anchor
Agent Creative Artists Agency[3][dead link]
Notable credit(s) CNN Anchor (May 2006 – January 2010 – October 2011 – Present) CNBC Anchor (January 2010 – August–October 2011 )
Partner(s) Michael G. Rubin

Nicole Miriam Lapin[4] (born March 7, 1984) is an American news anchor on CNBC and CNN Live,[5] who regularly appeared on CNN Headline News, CNN, and CNN International.[6][7] In January 2010, Lapin joined CNBC in New York as an anchor for Worldwide Exchange, joining CNBC Europe's Ross Westgate in London and CNBC Asia's Christine Tan in Singapore.[8] She made her debut on that program February 1, 2010. In June 2010, she added the role co-anchoring The Kudlow Report from 7-8pm EST to her CNBC duties. Lapin also serves as a business and finance correspondent for Morning Joe on MSNBC [9] and The Today Show on NBC.[10] In September 2012, it was announced that Lapin joined Bloomberg Television as a non-exclusive anchor and special correspondent.[11]

In September 2011, Lapin launched her own production company for accessible financial news, called "Nothing But Gold Productions." [12] Lapin founded the financial news website Recessionista, which served as the inspiration show on Ora TV, Carlos Slim and Larry King's network.[13] In 2014, she announced a AOL Originals show that she hosts and executive produces called "I'll Never Forget My First," in which she interviews influential women about the first time they knew they "made it." [14] She regularly appears on CNN,[15] ABC News,[16] Entertainment Tonight [17] and major talk shows[18][19][20][21] as an expert money commentator. In 2013, Lapin was named a special correspondent, focusing on the business of Hollywood, for omg! Insider[22] and the money saving correspondent for The Wendy Williams Show.[23]

In 2014, Harlequin announced that it is publishing Lapin's book "Rich Bitch," a personal finance guide for women, in a six-figure deal.[24]

Early life and education[edit]

Lapin was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of a scientist and a former Miss Israel.[2] Her family is Jewish.[25] Lapin became interested in journalism while watching coverage of the Gulf War on CNN, which her parents barred her from watching due to "the perceived negativity and carnage."[26] Lapin got her first broadcast experience when she was in high school and worked as the news anchor for the Public-access television cable TV station.[5] She received her BA from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, as the valedictorian of her class.[7][27] Even though she took time off to work professionally, she was still the youngest in her class.[5]


Lapin began her career as a correspondent at CBS Stations in South Dakota and Kentucky.[6] She also served as an investigative "I-Team" reporter for KPSP-LP in Palm Springs, California.[6][28] There, she reported live from San Quentin Prison during the execution of Stanley Williams.[6] Lapin also worked as a reporter on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for First Business network in Chicago.[29]

She joined CNN in May 2006, becoming one of the youngest anchors in the network's history.[7] She has anchored major events like the Virginia Tech massacre, Israel-Hezbollah conflict, and the 2008 Presidential election.[2] In 2007, she created an interview series at CNN called "Young People Who Rock" where she talks with people under the age of 30 who are doing remarkable things.[2] In 2009, Lapin reported on location in Los Angeles during Michael Jackson's memorial service.[30] She also interviewed Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger one-on-one during California's budget crisis.[31] Currently, she is a CNBC anchor on the only globally aired show.[32] For CNBC, she interviews CEOs and politicians daily. Lapin reported extensively in-the-field on the fiscal woes of the U.S. States [33] with a series called "States of Pain" [34] and followed the renaissance of the "Made in America" movement, highlighting its effect on the global economy.[35] Lapin also contributes to NBC affiliate stations across the country with business updates, including KNBC in Los Angeles and WNBC in New York. She became the first "crossover" example of the NBCUniversal-Comcast deal by contributing to The Golf Channel's "Morning Drive" program.[36]

In 2014, Lapin launched CASH Smartwatch, the first and only wearable device that tracks your spending throughout the day.[37] She launched the device with her retail partner HSN.

Lapin speaks at the Operation Smile Gala in October 2009

Philanthropy and accolades[edit]

Lapin served an ambassador for the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation, and created a chat series called "Being Smart is Cool" that "educates terminally ill children on global issues".[26] She currently serves as a "smile ambassador," with Jessica Simpson, for Operation Smile.[38] Lapin also serves as an ambassador for Points of Light [39] and launched a birthday campaign with The United Nation's "Girl Up" initiative.[40] Lapin launched her own charity, "Lost Girls," in 2011 to offer young women with career clothing and advice.[41]

Lapin has been on the cover of PowerGirls Magazine[42] and Eliza magazine,[43][44] She is the 2008 recipient of the "Power 30 under 30" award.[45] In 2011, she was named a judge for the Tribeca Film Festival.[46]

Personal life[edit]

Lapin dated Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.[47] Recently, she has been linked to billionaire GSI Commerce founder and CEO Michael Rubin.[48]

Lapin has been a vegetarian since she was young and a vegan since 2002.[49] In 2009, she was named one of the "20 under 30" influential vegans by VegNews Magazine.[50]


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