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Nicole Stelle Garnett (born January 7, 1970) is a professor of law at Notre Dame Law School, teaching in the areas of property, land use, urban development, local government law, and education.[1] She has written numerous articles on these subjects that have appeared in a variety of journals, including the Michigan Law Review,[2][3] the Stanford Law Review,[4] and the Yale Law Journal.[5] Additionally, she wrote Ordering the City: Land Use, Policing and the Restoration of Urban America, published by Yale University Press in 2009.

Education and Experience[edit]

Garnett majored in political science and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from at Stanford University. She earned her J.D. from Yale Law School, then clerked for Judge Morris Sheppard Arnold on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. She practiced at the Institute for Justice for two years before clerking for Justice Clarence Thomas on the United States Supreme Court.[6]

In 2009, Garnett received the Paul M. Bator Award, given annually by the Federalist Society for Law and Policy Studies to an academic under 40 for excellence in teaching, scholarship, and commitment to students.[7]

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