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Born 1964 (age 51–52)
Glasgow, Scotland
Genres electronic
Occupation(s) Singer, musician, songwriter, DJ, actress

Nicolette (full name Nicolette Suwoton) is a UK singer-songwriter of Nigerian parentage. Living in London as of 2010, she was born 1964 in Glasgow, Scotland, and has lived in Nigeria, Switzerland, France, and Belgium. Her music, although falling broadly into the field of electronica, is characterised by many influences, including, jazz, classical, blues, folk, and African. This has resulted in a highly individualistic sound due in part to the diverse variety of music her father played and taught her as a child. Known for her distinctive sensual, childlike voice, she has been described as "Billie Holiday on acid".[1]


She has released three solo albums, as well as a DJ mix album for the DJ-Kicks series, and featured on "Three" and "Sly", two songs on Massive Attack's 1994 Protection album. She has worked with many other collaborators in the electronic music field, including Plaid, Alec Empire, and 4 Hero. In 1999 she set up her own record label, Early Records, upon leaving Talkin’ Loud to release quirky pop anthems. According to Nicolette, Early Records' music policy is: "innovative pop music."[2] Nicolette's 2005 album, Life Loves Us, was released through the label. One single and a 6-track EP were released from the album in the following year.

In 2007 Nicolette's "No Government" was re-released and remixed by DJ Tocadisco and Makossa & Megablast.

In 2008 Nicolette contributed vocals to John Tejada's album "Where", she sings and co-wrote the track "Desire". Nicolette released a single called "Love" with DJ Cam in March 2010. Her fourth studio album The Infinitive is expected for November 2016.



Non album tracks[edit]

  • "I'm Raving" (with L.A. Style) 1993
  • "Sly" (with Massive Attack) 1994
  • "Three" (with Massive Attack) 1994
  • "Extork" (with Plaid) 1997
  • "Contradictions" (with Bang Gang) 2003
  • "So Loud" (with Phui) 2007
  • "Communication" (with Filewile) 2007
  • "Desire" (with John Tejada) 2008
  • "Love" (with DJ Cam) 2010
  • "Birthday" (with TJ Kong and Nuno dos Santos) 2010
  • "Something Happened" (with TJ Kong and Nuno dos Santos) 2010
  • "I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun' (with Samuel Yirga) 2012
  • "African Diaspora" (with Samuel Yirga) 2012


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