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Nicomide is an acne medication available in topical cream, topical gel and vitamin supplement form (U.S. Patent No. 6,979,468). Tablets available by prescription only and contain the active ingredients nicotinamide, zinc, copper, and folic acid. The topical cream and topical gel are formulated into a 4% nicotinamide mixture.[1][2] Dermatologists say this medication reduces inflammation of the skin, thereby reducing acne.[citation needed]

Nicomide is distributed by Sirius Laboratories Inc., and now a wholly owned subsidiary of DUSA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. DUSA Pharmaceuticals ceased distributing Nicomide in June 2008 and set up an agreement with River's Edge Pharmaceuticals to allow them to distribute the product under DSHEA in August 2008 but the deal appears to have fallen through. The last time Nicomide was mentioned in DUSA's annual reports is March 2010.[3]


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