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Race details
DateLate April
RegionLower Saxony, Germany
English nameLower Saxony Tour
Local name(s)Niedersachsen-Rundfahrt (in German)
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour
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First edition1977
Editions31 (as of 2007)
First winner Hans Langerijs (NED)
Most recent Alessandro Petacchi (ITA)

The Internationale Niedersachsen–Rundfahrt is a multi-stage road bicycle race held in Lower Saxony, Germany. It was first held in 1977 and since 2005 it has been organised as a 2.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour.


Year Country Rider Team
1977  Netherlands Hans Langerijs
1978  West Germany Peter Becker (cyclist)
1979  Denmark Kim Andersen
1980  Soviet Union Viacheslav Dedenov
1981  East Germany Olaf Ludwig
1982  Netherlands Toon van der Steen
1983  Soviet Union Dainis Liepinsh
1984  Soviet Union Aleksandr Zinoviev
1985  East Germany Uwe Ampler
1986  Soviet Union Sergey Uslamin
1987  Austria Helmut Wechselberger
1988  East Germany Dirk Meier
1989  East Germany Carsten Wolf
1990  East Germany Thomas Liese
1991  Czechoslovakia Lubor Tesar
1992  Germany Steffen Wesemann
1993  Germany Bert Dietz
1994  Germany Jens Voigt
1995  Czech Republic Pavel Padrnos
1996  Germany Stephan Gottschling
1997  Germany Jens Voigt
1998  Germany Andreas Klöden
1999  Germany Torsten Schmidt
2000  Germany Torsten Schmidt
2001  Germany Grischa Niermann
2002  Germany Olaf Pollack
2003  France Nicolas Jalabert
2004  Belgium Bert Roesems
2005  Germany Stefan Schumacher
2006  Italy Alessandro Petacchi
2007  Italy Alessandro Petacchi

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