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Niek Kimmann (born 20 May 1996)[1] is a Dutch BMX racing cyclist.

Kimmann was born in Lutten.[2] He won the Junior Men during the 2014 UCI BMX World Championships.[3] In August 2014 Kimmann together with Wiebe Scholten won a bronze medal in the team boys event of the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics.[4]

On 25 July 2015 he won the Elite Men of the 2015 UCI BMX World Championships in Zolder, Belgium, at age 19.[3][5] He came in second during the Time Trial the day before.[6] Kimmann became the second Dutch BMX World Champion, after Robert de Wilde, who won in 1999.[7]


His younger brother, Justin Kimmann, is also a BMX rider and competed in the junior events at the 2016 UCI BMX World Championships.


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