Nietzsche-Haus, Sils Maria

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The Nietzsche-Haus in Sils Maria

The Nietzsche-Haus is a house in Sils Maria, Switzerland, where the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche lived during the summers of 1881 and 1883 to 1888.[1]


The house is located on a small hill in the village of Sils Maria in the Engadin region of Switzerland.

Nietzsche's stays[edit]

Friedrich Nietzsche rented a modest room in the Durisch family’s house in the heart of Sils Maria for seven summers (1881 and 1883 – 88). The nearly 200-year-old house was owned by the Durisch family and continued to be privately owned for many years after Nietzsche’s visits. In 1958 the house was to be sold, however the ‘Nietzsche House Sils-Maria Foundation’ purchased the House, had it carefully renovated and opened a museum there and on August 25, 1960, the 60th anniversary of Nietzsche’s death, it opened its doors to the public for the first time.


The Nietzsche-Haus possesses a library open to researchers that contains one of the world's largest multi-language collections of books on the philosopher.[2] The library also contains three collections of books that were donated to the library: Oscar Levy's collection (Nietzsche's first translator in English); Hans Erich Lampl's collection (a Nietzsche scholar); and Albi Rosenthal's collection (an antiquarian bookseller).[2]

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Coordinates: 46°25′44″N 9°45′53″E / 46.4288°N 9.7648°E / 46.4288; 9.7648