Nietzsche and Philosophy

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Nietzsche and Philosophy
Nietzsche and Philosophy (French edition).jpg
The French edition
Author Gilles Deleuze
Original title Nietzsche et la philosophie
Translator Hugh Tomlinson
Country France
Language French
Subject Philosophy
  • 1962 (Presses Universitaires de France, in French)
  • 1983 (Columbia University Press, in English)
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
ISBN ISBN 0-231-05669-9 (English edition)

Nietzsche and Philosophy (French: Nietzsche et la philosophie) is a 1962 book about Friedrich Nietzsche by philosopher Gilles Deleuze.


Deleuze treats Nietzsche as a systematically coherent philosopher, giving serious consideration to the concepts of the will to power and the eternal return.[1]


Nietzsche and Philosophy became a celebrated work.[2] According to Ronald Bogue, its publication marked a significant turning-point in French philosophy, which had previously given little consideration to Nietzsche as a serious philosopher. It was the first French study of Nietzsche to treat him as a systematically coherent philosopher, and raised questions that became central to Nietzsche studies and to French post-structuralism. Many of the central themes of Deleuze's later work were first stated in the work.[1]

Michael Tanner writes that he finds Nietzsche and Philosophy "quite wild about Nietzsche, but interesting about Deleuze."[2]

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