Nietzsche and Philosophy

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Nietzsche and Philosophy
Nietzsche and Philosophy, first edition.jpg
Cover of the first edition
Author Gilles Deleuze
Original title Nietzsche et la philosophie
Translator Hugh Tomlinson
Country France
Language French
Subject Friedrich Nietzsche
  • 1962 (Presses Universitaires de France, in French)
  • 1983 (Columbia University Press, in English)
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 221 (Columbia University Press edition)
ISBN 0-231-05669-9 (English edition)

Nietzsche and Philosophy (French: Nietzsche et la philosophie) is a 1962 book about Friedrich Nietzsche by philosopher Gilles Deleuze. It is a celebrated and influential work.


Deleuze treats Nietzsche as a systematically coherent philosopher, giving serious consideration to the concepts of the will to power and the eternal return.[1]


Nietzsche and Philosophy became a celebrated work.[2] According to Ronald Bogue, its publication marked a significant turning-point in French philosophy, which had previously given little consideration to Nietzsche as a serious philosopher. It was the first French study of Nietzsche to treat him as a systematically coherent philosopher, and raised questions that became central to Nietzsche studies and to French post-structuralism. Many of the central themes of Deleuze's later work were first stated in the work.[1]

Michael Tanner finds Nietzsche and Philosophy "quite wild about Nietzsche, but interesting about Deleuze."[2] Daniel W. Smith identifies the book as "one of the most important and influential, as well as idiosyncratic, readings of Nietzsche to have appeared in Europe."[3]

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