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This is a list of races from Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda.


  • Avatars of Black Holes
  • Avatars of Stars
  • Avatar of the Abyss


  • Bokor. Microscopic sentient parasites.[1]


  • Chichin
  • Calderan: Featured in season 2 episode 5, "Last Call at the Broken Hammer," and episode 18, "The Fair Unknown"


  • Hajira
  • Human
  • Heavy Gravity Worlders. Humans genetically modified to withstand gravity much greater than Earth's; as the result, they are several times stronger than normal humans.


  • Inari


  • Kalderans


  • Magog. Human-sized predators covered in a loose, shaggy pelt. They feed on sapient beings which they paralyse with toxin, and reproduce by laying their eggs in another living being:[2] the larvae hatch and consume their host. The most significant Magog character in the series is Rev Bem, who eschews the "brutish violence" of the rest of the Magog.[3] Their leader, or god, is the Spirit of the Abyss: the Magog say that he is their creator. Rev Bem says that the Divine created the Magog: "...the Divine also has nightmares, for he created us." [4]



  • Paradine. The Paradines are both referred to as evolved Vedrans, as well as the first race of sentient beings in the galaxy. Trance Gemini hypothesizes that the Paradines may have had a "hand in its [the universe's] creation". These problems are not expanded upon or resolved during the show's run.[5]
  • Perseids
  • Pyrians



  • Than-Thre-Kull. A sentient species: the Than are humanoid, in the sense that they have two arms ending in hands, and two legs; they are insectoid, in that their bodies are covered in a hard carapace, they have compound eyes and ant-like mandibles. Than are slightly smaller than humans on average, standing approximately 1.5 metres tall.

Than characters:

Short name Role Caste (colour) First appearance
Refractions of Dawn High Guard First Lieutenant, pilot of the Andromeda Ascendant Emerald 1x01: Under the Night
Twilight High Guard sensory and communications officer on board the Starry Wisdom Emerald 1x08: The Banks of the Lethe
Clarion of Loss Task force leader, responsible for retrieving the Hegemon's Heart from Pyrpont Drift Ruby 2x03: A Heart for Falsehood Framed


  • Vedrans


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