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Nifty Magazine is a high fashion magazine that focuses on upcoming and aspiring models, fashion, beauty and health. It was first published in May 2007.[1] The magazine is headquartered in New York City.[1] It is published on monthly basis.[1]


NIFTY Magazine's mission is to highlight the hidden information pertaining to the model industry, to show the realism of a model's profession.

Past cover models[edit]

Nifty Magazine Issue Past Cover Model Most Known For
Winter 2008 Casey Messer Miss New Mexico USA 2007
Spring 2008 Magali DeLaRosa Latin Singer
Summer 2008 Jessica Elbaum Greek Key Stylist
Fall 2008 Kassandra Hermendez Internet Cover Model
Anniversary Issue 2009 Nicole Bosso Miss Delaware USA 2007 & UPN Show "Crowned"
Summer/Fall 2009 Deonna Nieves #1 Sexiest Model Alive for 2009!
Spring/Summer Issue 2010 Ashley Pocklington Youngest Nifty Magazine Cover Model Ever!
Fall/Winter 2010 Alina Gorun 1st Featured European Model

Top recognizable models[edit]

Past Cover Model Most Known For
Raquel Beezley Miss California USA, 2008
Jackie Tvrdik Miss Virginia American Queen, 2008
Barbara Zatler Playboy's Denmark playmate
Musa Sharon Chauke Miss South Africa World 2009
Deborah Bernstein Mrs Florida 2002 and 2008
Amanda Houdashell Miss Arizona International and Miss Arizona US 2009
Shannen Reil Miss Kentucky Teen USA 2008 and Miss Kentucky Teen World 2009
Casey Messer Miss New Mexico USA 2007
Jade Bryce, Ms. San Antonio 2008
Jessica Elbaum "Greek" key stylist
Nicole Bosso Miss Delaware USA 2007
Debbie O' Toole Miss Hawaiian Tropic
Laura Pucker Mrs American Queen 2009
Christine Dail Miss Tawaiian World 2008
Aileen Yap Miss US International 2009
Suzanne Revell Actress, Model and Host
Noelle Johnson I Want to Work for Diddy 2

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