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Nigel (born 17 May 2008) is a male golden retriever dog owned by Monty Don, a British television gardening presenter. Nigel is known for his appearances on the BBC Two gardening programme, Gardeners' World, on which he is seen, with Don's other dog Nellie, following the presenter around his garden and sometimes playing with a tennis ball. Apart from his television appearances, Nigel has his own Twitter account.[1]

Injury in 2012[edit]

Nigel is popular with viewers who were concerned when he disappeared from the programme in September 2012. The dog had injured himself after twisting sideways when jumping to catch his tennis ball and had exploded an intervertebral disc in his spine. He was treated with steroids by a local veterinary surgeon and was then taken to Noel Fitzpatrick, a vet specialising in extreme cases who treated him with hydrotherapy, drugs and physiotherapy. He recovered and resumed his television appearances.[2]

Don's views on human relationships and nature[edit]

Don said that he chose his dog Nigel because the domestic dog signifies the good and bad in human relationships with nature; humans can prioritise fluffy animals over others.[3] In September 2016 an autobiographical book entitled Nigel: my family and other dogs was published, telling the story of Nigel and the other dogs in Don's life, including the female golden retriever, Nellie, who also now appears with him on Gardeners World.[4]


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