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Sir Nigel Broakes (21 July 1934 – 29 September 1999) was the founder of Trafalgar House, one of the United Kingdom's largest contracting businesses.


Born in Wakefield and educated at Brambletye School in Sussex and Stowe School, Broakes initially joined Stewart & Hughman, a firm of Lloyd's underwriters on leaving school.[1] He then did national service and was commissioned into the Royal Armoured Corps in 1953.[2]

After completing his national service and with the support of Eastern International, a small finance house, he started buying up bomb sites in London.[1] Eastern International became Trafalgar House and Broackes took a 21% stake in the business when it was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1963.[1] In 1964 the Company took a 49% stake in Bridge Walker, a construction company owned by Victor Matthews.[1] After that Broackes and Matthews worked together to build Trafalgar House into one of the United Kingdom's largest contracting businesses.[1] Broackes resigned in 1992 following heavy losses associated with a diversification into offshore activities.[1]

In 1979 Broackes became Chairman of the London Docklands Development Corporation, a post he resigned from in 1984.[1] He was knighted for his role at that organisation in 1984.[3]

He died in 1999 in Chelsea.[1]


He was married to Joyce Edith Horne and together they went on to have two sons and a daughter.[1]


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