Nigel Hinton

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Nigel Hinton
London, United Kingdom
GenreTeenage and children's fiction
Notable worksBuddy, Beaver Towers, Collision Course
SpouseRolande Lager

Nigel Hinton (born 1941 in London) is an English novelist, primarily of teenage fiction.

Personal life and family[edit]


Hinton worked in advertising for two years, then taught English for nine years at the Hugh Christie School in Tonbridge, Kent. He then worked as a professional actor and did some part-time teaching before deciding to concentrate on writing. He has written at least twenty three novels from Collision Course (1976) to The Norris Girls (2017) including the Buddy trilogy for teenagers and the Beaver Towers stories for younger children. His novel The Finders won the Federation of Children's Book Groups Award, and Collision Course won the Dutch Silver Pen Award. Out of the Darkness won the Lancashire Book Award and the Stockport Book Award.[1] His novel Time Bomb, set in 1949 in the area he grew up, won the 2006 Rotherham Book Award. In 2014 his short novel Partners in Crime won the Coventry Inspiration Book Award.

He has adapted some of his novels for the screen, notably Buddy which was made into a BBC television series, and Buddy's Song which was made into a feature film. Both films starred Roger Daltrey as Buddy's father Terry. He has also written a number of original scripts for TV and the theatre.

Hinton's work is used widely in schools, and Buddy has been one of the best selling novels for teenagers in the last thirty five years. Teachers particularly appreciate his novels because they appeal to a wide range of pupil ability including those who do not normally like reading.[citation needed] However, The Norris Girls is a departure from the usual boy appeal of his previous novels in which it is written for girls, it is loosely based on Little Women and all the protagonists are female although the writing style otherwise remains the same.

In music Hinton co-wrote the song "Take Me Home" for Roger Daltrey's 1987 album Can't Wait to See the Movie. He also contributed to the Buddy's Song soundtrack by co-writing nine songs all performed by Chesney Hawkes who played Buddy in the film. He co-wrote "Always Heading Home" for Roger Daltrey's 2018 album As Long As I Have You. He has also written a number of songs for the UK Americana band The Orange Circus Band including the song "I Miss You".

List of works[edit]


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