Nigel Paulet, 18th Marquess of Winchester

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Nigel George Paulet, 18th Marquess of Winchester (born (1941-12-23)23 December 1941) is a British peer and the premier Marquess of England. He succeeded a cousin in the title in 1968. Lord Winchester lives in South Africa.[1]

Early life[edit]

Nigel George Paulet was born on 23 December 1941 to George Cecil Paulet (1905–1961) and Hazel Margaret Wheeler. He has two siblings, an older sister, Angela Jane Paulet (b. 1939), and a younger brother, Timothy Guy Paulet (b. 1944). After his father's death in 1961, his mother remarried, to George Meyer, in 1962.[2]

Paulet's great-great grandfather was Lord Charles Paulet (1802–1870), the son of Charles Paulet, 13th Marquess of Winchester.[2] Upon the death of his unmarried first cousin once removed, Richard Paulet, 17th Marquess of Winchester, on 5 March 1968, the 26 year-old Nigel became the 18th Marquess of Winchester, the highest-ranking Marquess in the United Kingdom.[3] The 17th Marquess' grandfather, Col. Charles William Paulet (1832–1897), was the great-grandfather of the 18th Marquess.[4]

Personal life[edit]

On 25 November 1967, he married Rosemary Anne Hilton, daughter of Major Aubrey John Hilton. They have two sons and one daughter, including:

  • Christopher John Hilton Paulet, Earl of Wiltshire (born 30 July 1969), heir apparent.



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