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Nigel Powers
Austin Powers character
First appearanceAustin Powers in Goldmember (2002)
Last appearanceAustin Powers in Goldmember (2002)
Created byMike Myers
Portrayed byMichael Caine
Scott Aukerman
OccupationBritish super-spy
ChildrenAustin Powers
Douglas Powers
RelativesScott Evil (grandson)

Sir Nigel Powers (played by Michael Caine and briefly by Scott Aukerman in a flashback) is a character who appears in the third Austin Powers movie, Austin Powers in Goldmember.[1] He is the father of Austin Powers and Dr. Evil, and the grandfather of Scott Evil. Through cloning, he is biologically the father of Mini-Me.

Fictional character biography[edit]

When Austin and Dougie (Dr. Evil's birth name) were infants, Nigel took the family on their first family outing to Belgium. Nigel left the car to relieve himself in the bushes, leaving his wife and two children in the car alone. Shortly after leaving the car, the car exploded; when he came back, he found Austin lying on the ground, apparently ejected from the vehicle in the explosion. Mrs. Powers was dead and Nigel assumed that Dougie has also been killed. However, Dougie was in fact alive, saved by his mother who used her body to shield him from the explosion. Dougie was later found by a Belgian man and his 15-year-old love slave with webbed feet. The two raised him in the Belgian town of Bruges and taught him to be evil. Nigel later learned that Dougie had survived and became Dr. Evil, but he hid this information from Austin.

Much of "Goldmember" revolves around Austin trying to rescue his father. After Austin and Foxxy Cleopatra save Nigel from experiencing the same "unfortunate smelting accident" that the villain Goldmember underwent, Nigel and Austin separate in attempt to thwart Dr. Evil's plans of world destruction. When they meet in Dr. Evil's submarine, Nigel reveals that Dr. Evil is Austin's long-lost brother.


Nigel's personality is very similar to that of his son Austin, especially in regards to their womanizing and their love of lewd humor. Nigel, like his son, is also a well-respected British spy.[2]

Despite their similarities, there is some tension in Nigel and Austin's relationship. At the beginning of Goldmember, Austin sings "Daddy Wasn't There" which refers to his father's failure to show up at important events in his life including his recent knighting. Austin feels neglected by his father and on his "List of things to do before I die" his last entry is to earn his father's respect. Nigel, for his part, seemed oblivious to his son's resentment considering their friendly relationship. There is a possibility that the reason Nigel gives Austin no respect is Nigel needs Austin to find his own self-worth before he gives Austin any approval. However, Austin complains that Nigel was more focused on being Austin's friend than being his father. However, the two reconcile by the end of Goldmember.

Nigel also harbors a strong prejudice against the Dutch people, a prejudice that spills over onto Belgians because they share a border, but it's more likely due to finding that his main enemy, who was a Dutch farmer, had raised his other son, Douglas, to be an evil genius. He is presented as humorously hypocritical as his two greatest hatreds are (1) people who are intolerant of other people's cultures, and (2) the Dutch.


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