Nigeria Nationwide League

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Nigeria Nationwide League Division One
Country Nigeria
Confederation CAF
Founded 2001
Number of teams 40
Level on pyramid 3
Promotion to Nigeria National League
Relegation to Nigeria Amateur League Division Two
Domestic cup(s) Nigerian FA Cup
Website NLO

National Nationwide League Division One (formerly called Nigerian Amateur League) is the third level of club football in Nigeria. It is divided into four groups by geography with either nine, ten or eleven teams each. Every year, up to eight teams are promoted to the Professional Division One.

Starting in 2012, the league changed its name from the Amateur League and will promote three teams per division instead of two. This was after a long delay in confirming promotions from the prior year due to teams' protests.[1][2]

Promotion and relegation are not guaranteed. Most of the teams are sponsored by private citizens or Local Govt. Areas and funding at this level is minimal. Any team eligible to move to the National Division 1 must qualify for a Professional League license and commit to the increased spending. After the 2007/08 season Dankalat FC of Kano won promotion, but instead sold their slot in Division 1A to Calabar Rovers. (Dankalat would eventually sell their slot in the 2012 Professional League to Nembe City FC). For the 2013 season, FC Ebedei and Makwada remained in the Nationwide league and sold their promotion slots after winning their divisions. Bolowotan, who also won promotion, sold their slot after 9 games in the professional level.


The season started 4 June and finished in October. Teams in bold won their division and are nominally promoted to the National League.


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