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Parliamentary elections were held in Nigeria on 30 December 1964, although they were not held until 18 March 1965 in some constituencies in Eastern Region, Lagos, and Mid-Western Region due to a boycott in December. The election saw most parties run as part of alliances, the Nigerian National Alliance (the Northern People's Congress, the Nigerian National Democratic Party, the Midwest Democratic Front, the Dynamic Party, the Niger Delta Congress, the Lagos State United Front and the Republican Party) and the United Progressive Grand Alliance (the National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons, Action Group, the Northern Progressive Front, the Kano People's Party, the Northern Elements Progressive Union, the United Middle Belt Congress and the Zamfara Commoners Party).

The result was a victory for the Northern People's Congress, which won 162 of the 312 seats in the House of Representatives, whilst the NNA held a total of 198 seats.[1] However, the election was marked by manipulation and violence.[2]


Party Votes % Seats +/–
Northern People's Congress 2,168,007 37.6 162 +28
National Council of Nigerian Citizens 1,640,700 28.5 84 +3
Nigerian National Democratic Party 870,833 15.1 36 New
Action Group 494,730 8.6 21 −52
Northern Progressive Front 258,913 4.5 4 New
Midwest Democratic Front 93,161 1.6 0 New
Dynamic Party 42,834 0.7 0 New
Republican Party 25,831 0.4 0 New
Socialist Workers and Farmers Party 20,347 0.4 0 New
Niger Delta Congress 17,798 0.3 0 New
Independents 128,329 2.2 5 New
Total 5,761,483 100 312 0
Source: African Elections Database, Nohlen et al.


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