Nigerien parliamentary election, 1996

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Parliamentary elections were held in Niger on 23 November 1996. They followed the constitutional changes approved in a referendum earlier in the year, which re-introduced multi-party democracy following a military coup. The result was a victory for the National Union of Independents for Democratic Renewal, which won 59 of the 83 seats,[1] three of which were won in by-elections after the original result had been invalidated by the Supreme Court.


Party Votes % Seats +/-
National Union of Independents for Democratic Renewal 59 New
Nigerien Alliance for Democracy and Progress 8 -1
Union of Democratic and Progressive Patriots 4 +3
Union for Democracy and Social Progress 3 +1
Party for People's Dignity 3 New
Workers' Movement Party 2 New
Movement for Democracy and Progress 1 New
Independents 3 +3
Total 83 0


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