Night Beat (1947 film)

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Night Beat
"Night Beat" (1947).jpg
Song sheet tie-in with Christine Norden
Directed by Harold Huth
Produced by Harold Huth
Written by Guy Morgan
T. J. Morrison
Starring Anne Crawford
Maxwell Reed
Ronald Howard
Christine Norden
Music by Benjamin Frankel
Cinematography Václav Vích
Edited by Grace Garland
Harold Huth Productions
British Lion Films
Distributed by British Lion Film Corporation (UK)
Release date
  • 15 January 1948 (1948-01-15) (UK)
Running time
91 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Box office £153,438 (UK)[1]

Night Beat is a 1947 British Brit-noir, crime thriller drama film directed by Harold Huth and starring Anne Crawford, Maxwell Reed, Ronald Howard, Christine Norden and Sid James. Following the Second World War, two comrades go their separate ways one joining the Metropolitan Police while the other becomes a racketeer in post-war London.[2][3] Sky Movies described the film as a "British thriller that examines a challenging issue of its times: the problems encountered by servicemen when trying to adjust to civilian life."[4]


Critical reception[edit]

The Radio Times wrote, "a relishably bad British crime drama set in an unreal Soho underworld of spivs and nightclubs. It's a compendium of clichés...Benjamin Frankel's score is better than the film deserves."[5] Allmovie wrote, "though its starts out strong, Night Beat metamorphoses into standard melodramatics towards the end."[6] Britmovie wrote, "fast-paced British crime melodrama...The two lead actors are particularly wooden and it’s left to the supporting cast to add some lowlife colour; particularly Maxwell Reed’s smug villain, Christine Norden as the vampish blonde, Sid James piano playing snout and a brief appearance by Michael Medwin as an indignant petty crook."[7]


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