What the Peeper Saw

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Night Hair Child
What peeper saw poster 01.jpg
Directed by James Kelley
Andrea Bianchi
Produced by Graham Harris
Written by Erich Kröhnke
Andrea Bianchi
Bautista Lacasa
Trevor Preston
Starring Mark Lester
Britt Ekland
Hardy Krüger
Lilli Palmer
Harry Andrews
Conchita Montes
Collette Jack
Music by Stelvio Cipriani
Distributed by Avco Embassy Pictures(US)
Cineteca S.A. (Spain)
Astral Films (Canada)
Release date
  • 1971 (1971)
Running time
95 minutes
Country United Kingdom
West Germany
Language English

Night Hair Child (also released under the titles Night Child, Child of the Night, What the Peeper Saw, Tua Presenza Nuda and Diabólica Malicia) is a 1971 horror film starring Mark Lester, Britt Ekland, Hardy Krüger and Lilli Palmer. The film was directed by James Kelley (who is better known for directing The Beast in the Cellar). The Italian version of the film credits Andrea Bianchi as director, under the pseudonym Andrew White.


Marcus is a twelve-year-old schoolboy whose mother has recently died, leaving it up to his wealthy father Paul to look after him. He takes a sexual interest in his stepmother Elise. She notices his abnormal behaviour and investigates by visiting his school after discovering a torn-up letter from his headmaster. Elise is shocked by her findings. She becomes increasingly disturbed and wonders if Marcus is to blame for his mother's death. She enlists the help of psychiatrist Dr Viorne to find answers.



The film received a theatrical release in Canada by Astral Films, in Spain by Cineteca S.A. and in the US by Avco Embassy Pictures.

In the US it was distributed on video by Interglobal Home Video and VCI Home Video.

Prior to the film's DVD release, numerous bootleg versions were made and were often exchanged on the mail video tape exchange circuit.

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